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„Hey, my name is Christoph May. Two years ago I started a Blog on Men and Masculinity Studies. I question manhood in a hypercritical way.

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For example I ask for extreme masculinities in online culture wars or I write about the representation of tough guys like the men of steel, kylo ren or spiderman. What about the nerdy sexism in the big bang theory? Why there is no #MeToo-debate in hip-hip and rap? Or why are more than 80 percent of all games in the gaming industry still running in combat-mode? Questions like that. You know, it’s everywhere!

So I also wanna talk to the people, especially men. I do lectures on hatespeech and misogyny and I offer workhops for startups and business guys where you learn to kill your male privileges or how to question your male fantasies about flying to the mars, selfdriving cars or virtual reality porn.

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And my experience shows, that all kind of men are really interested in that. They wanna get rid of their mansplaining-behaviour, they wanna be emotional daddies and take responsibility for their kids and best of all: they wanna support women and womens rights.

I think, a lot of men understood, that we all win, if men start to questioning themselves. So we just need to push that forward!

I wanna accallerate the crisis of men, cause I see it as a chance to give up power, to change your male view and finally to be a better man: positive, selfcritical and feminist.“


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